The ideas of business are changing. The nature of businesses is changing. The future of business is holistic models combined with adaptive technologies led by leaders with sound economic reasoning and a global perspective coupled with individual qualities. Auronya School of Business and Economics combines excellent research with international perspective in the fields of Economics, Management Sciences and Supply Chain Sciences, supported by an advanced learning environment and valuable insight from the field.

Come, explore the ever-expanding universe of Discovery@Auronya as we prepare future leaders for an international society.


Explore the markets and the economic structures that define them. Discover the economic problems and policy issues and solve problems by integrating economic analysis and forecasting. Auronya aims to prepare students to evaluate evidence, form conclusions, make judgements and apply solutions to the real world. Examine the big economic questions, the macro and micro economic theories and aspects that govern us. Real economic development meets the needs of the present without compromising the future. Discover the exciting, broad ranging field of Economics@Auronya

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Globalization has been the most potent source of cultural, economic, technological, political and social change. It has redefined the traditional norms, boundaries and relationships between nations, communities, and individuals. Come explore the forces that shape globalization, the historical origins, the scientific perspectives, the theoretical contexts, interdependent trading systems and the impact on all aspects of our lives today. Discover the processes, problems and issues that transcend national boundaries. GoingGlobal@Auronya aims to create a systematic awareness of global forces that shape us today.

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Business Management & Analytics

In an everchanging multi-cultural, complex and diverse business environment, Auronya aims to equip and inspire business leaders to leverage the knowledge for problem solving, capitalizing on market opportunities and creating lasting value propositions in human organizations. Business Leaders of tomorrow must be able to adapt to strategic planning, informed decision making and technologically capable business environments.

With ever increasing volumes of data, business that make sense of information gain competitive edge and sustainability. Explore the approach to analytics from experimentation to modelling to decision making with strategic business perspectives. Data driven business decisions are the key to future business intelligence. Come explore FutureofBusiness@Auronya

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“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”- Albert Einstein

How are businesses and organizations coping up with the rapid adoption of technology? Auronya aims to discover new links between digital technology and its integration within business and economic environments. Technology is unleashing the power to create sustainable competitive advantage. Come, embrace new digital technology in organizational domains and processes across industry sectors. Discover the complete spectrum of what, why, what will and what should by using the digital landscape.

Re-examine existing business models to maximize effectiveness by capturing digital capabilities in the age of DigitalDisruption@Auronya

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Fintech & Digital Currency

Financial technologies are poised to change the landscape of financial industry and its services. Discover the Fintech disruption of financial models across services and functions such as Payments, insurance Funding, investments, Bitcoins, Crowdsourcing, personal finance and many more. Explore the impact and influence of Fintech on existing financial services industry and its consumers.

Apply advanced technologies like Blockchains, Digital Advisory, Digital Currencies, Banking Tech, Enterprise Finance and Machine learning to revolutionize, create and provide new gateways for financial entrepreneurship with Fintect@Auronya

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The principal methods, systems and processes of financial management are critical to all organizations. The global integration of financial systems has made it imperative to have a clear understanding of financial management. Discover the areas of corporate finance, banking and financial services, financial instruments, portfolios, investments, valuations, shareholder lending, assets and liability management. Explore different financial frameworks and strategies integrated with application of financial techniques in real world settings with Finance@Auronya

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People Management

The journey of human resources is undergoing transformation in the fourth industrial revolution from being business partners to becoming business players. Managing people to advance business strategies and value by integrating the technology of analytics and social media will lead human resources in the twenty first century. Auronya aims to provide cutting edge knowledge to solve human problems by establishing new age workplace practices and systems. Discover the value of HumanCapital@Auronya

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Materials Management

How will the supply chains of tomorrow integrate with our digital lives? The management of supply chains encompassing product development, forecasting, sourcing, production, storage, logistics and consumers have become critical to all businesses. Auronya aims to redefine the supply chains with integrated new age technologies and the power of data analytics. Discover end to end materials management strategies, cycles, and frameworks with SupplyScience@Auronya

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Value Management

In today’s world where performance demands perfection, it is becoming ever so important to define and measure value and focus on objectives before arriving at solutions. Keeping an eye on expected value delivers performance. Auronya aims to apply value management discipline to improve the balance between wants and needs of stakeholders and resources needed to satisfy them. Discover Value@Auronya with integrated frameworks to develop a value focused management style through effective use of proven methods, tools and techniques

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