The world is witnessing one of the most transformative times in human history with the convergence of technological, biological and physical systems in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Auronya School of Design and Sciences encourages and inspires minds to Discover, Create and Apply in the academic realms of Sciences, Technology & Design using cutting edge 21st century individualized learning environment.

What excites you, engages you, inspires you? Come explore the ever-expanding universe of Discovery@Auronya; from Nanotechnology to Robotics, Geosciences to Astronautics, and Virtual Reality to Industrial Design.


Earth is the miracle planet of the solar system. Studying the forces, factors, history and structure of our planet and the universe beyond provides us with a better sense of ourselves, what surrounds us, and our connection to everything.

Geosciences ranges from the evolution of universe, planets, space formation, our Earth, its atmosphere and biosphere to our present day and the geosciences technologies for creating a better future. Come explore Geo@Auronya.

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Energy is a key life source of mankind’s existence. The world is coming to the end of an age of use of non-renewable sources of energy such as fossil fuels. The demand for energy will continue to grow exponentially due to an ever-increasing population and its lifestyle choices.

We aim to discover the Renewable & Nuclear energy systems & their storage for the future, be it from the sources of sunlight, carbon dioxide, water, wing, biomass, geo-thermal, splitting the atom or undiscovered mediums. Providing sustainable clean energy for the benefit of humanity is an essential cornerstone of our journey. We invite you to Energy@Auronya

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Our environment is one of its kind amongst several others and is standing today at a pivotal point in its history. Earth and its abundant resources; the air we breathe, the food we consume, the water we need, the climate we experience are all part of interconnected ecosystems. The magnitude and complexity of environmental problems must be solved for our own future. Without a sustainable environment, we will be extinct. Eco@Auronya awaits you.

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“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”- Albert Einstein

The Symbols of Zero (0) and Pi (π) pay tribute to the legend of Aryabhata@Auronya. Mathematics is that one language which spawned an age of technology & machines – a language universal across history and galaxies. In today’s world, mathematical models are increasingly being used to analyze, solve problems and make better decisions. Is your name written on the next Fields Medal of Mathematics?

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Earth and its Material resources are limited. Mankind’s appetite is unlimited. Discover and design new materials, explore the structure, properties, processes and performance of matter and its application in the real world. Create new materials, develop improved processes and apply advance materials be it for structural, biological, urban, environmental, polymeric, energy, technology, transportation, medical or industrial design. Come and find out Materials@Auronya.

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From the days of Roman Abacus in 2400 BC to the first mechanical computer by Charles Babbage in 1822 to our beloved acronyms of “HP”, “IBM”, “Dell” and “Apple”, computers have become an integral part of our lives, so much so that we cannot spend our day without them. Come explore the theories and experimentation that form the basis of computers. Humanity is heading towards the age of Quantum information. Discover the amazing world of Quantum mechanics to process information by computers.

Auronya aims to educate tomorrow’s investors through cutting-edge research in the principal areas of the field of computer science and quantum computing. The world of Matrix@Auronya awaits you.

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Robotics, Automation & 3D Printing

The Robot revolution has arrived and is standing at our doorstep. Does the advancing field of robotics excite you? Will India’s first Lunar or Mars Rover have your name on it? How about designing a cooking robot for your kitchen? Create the software, hardware and applications in the real world for the robots of tomorrow. Discover the Artificial intelligence that will underpin the development of upcoming RobotRevolution@Auronya.

Automate a home or a factory floor. Will the manufacturing of tomorrow take place at your home? Explore the world of using 3D printing technology, knowledge, skills, and tools to turn your ideas and digital designs into real objects.

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Nano’ means ‘one-billionth’ and is derived from the Greek word “nanus”, meaning ‘dwarf’. Discover how materials undergo changes at a nanoscale. Design and develop the functional materials and devices of tomorrow with unique properties. Nanotechnology has the un-discovered potential to transform and enrich our lives.

Imagine diagnostic nanorobots, floating in our bodies, fitted with sensors to detect possibly dangerous changes or a surveillance camera on a fly. Come, create and apply in Nanoworld@Auronya.

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Astronautics & Aeronautics

If you look up at the sky, there is a Made in India “Mangalyaan” circling the red planet MARS. Auronya aims to train India’s first Astronauts for Moon, Mars and the final frontier; Space. Come design the next generation plasma propulsion systems at Auronya.

Discover areas of Space exploration, Aircraft-Spacecraft engineering, space communication, planetary human habitats. Immerse yourself in Astronaut and space missions simulations. The FinalFrontier@Auronya awaits you.

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Transportation – Clean Energy & Autonomous

Mobility is a fundamental pillar of our so called “Human Experience”. Solve old transportation problems in new ways. Discover future transportation mediums and how to tackle safety and sustainability in transportation technologies and systems. Autonomous vehicles of the future hold the key to safer streets, less congestion, and faster mobility. What will be the future of transportation; Hyperloops or highway loops? Get ready for Mobility@Auronya

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Built Environment Design & Agritecture

What will be the future of our cities, towns and rural landscapes? How will we make connections between people and places, urban form and nature? Come give form, shape and character to groups of buildings, to whole neighbourhoods, and the city with Built@auronya. Create a vision for an area and then bring the vision to life. Design livings spaces that support nature with urban agriculture, vertical farming and renewable energy.

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Interior and Visual Design

Have you ever wondered how interior design responds to our ever-changing society? Create the next human experience in the environment. Discover the ideas and issues concerning distinct aspects of the design. Learn sketching, drawing, modelling and the use of cutting edge digital software to bring your ideas and skills to life. Shape information into text and image through media. Transform a message or create a visual that motivates and touches. Gain mastery in mediums, such as print, illustration, photography, video and digital media. Come explore Design@Auronya.

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

You can travel the world, train as a pilot, lead expedition to the Arctic, all from the confines of your home. Discover the realistic and immersive world of simulations of a three-dimensional environment, and experienced or controlled by movement of the body. Become leading creators in the Virtual Reality space and discover its potential and implication on to our lives. How will these virtual elements act as an overlay to the real world in future? Get ready to explore Realities@Auronya

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Industrial Design

How will we enhance people’s quality of life with the creative design of products in the future? Products that are useful, safe, aesthetically sound and environment friendly will be beneficial to humanity. discover user insights and create innovative solutions. Imagine and create practical items for everyday use. Learn modelling and prototyping skills of the future. It is not only the physical objects that are designed that are important, but also the way the designs are experienced and used by people in real world. Come explore ProductDesign@Auronya

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