To be human is to live through the journey of human experiences. Auronya is a journey of processing, reflecting and nurturing our human experience to make it better. To build on our future, we must understand who we are and how we have evolved through centuries through our cultures, languages, history, diversity, creativity, thoughts, values, beliefs and experiences. Exploring our passion with expression, imagination and discovery is an inherent nature of being human.

Come explore the ever-expanding universe of Discovery@Auronya as we prepare preserve, nurture and create the future of human experience.


Explore the range of historical periods throughout human history and how they have shaped our modern-day existence. Travel through time to discover the cultural relationships between the past and present. Discover the relationships that have defined human migrations, trade, race, wars and lives throughout continents. Reflect on the legacies of historical events with History@Auronya. Create intellectual analytical and argumentative skills by exploring the understanding of historical events.

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Auronya recognizes the need to delve deep into our cultures and explore literary dialogues of the past and present. Explore the literary works from diverse civilization and periods of human history and culture. Discover how literary works have shaped human expression, imagination, creativity and thinking with Literature@Auronya. Develop your analytical and creative skills with in-depth exploration of literary domains.

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Languages, a fundamental base for all human and non-human communications. Humanity stands at a pivotal point where technology is inventing its own languages. Auronya aims to explore the facets of languages, from alphabetical to binary, encompassing all contexts and properties. Explore the structures of languages, the evolution over time, the disorders and multilingualism with Alphabet@Auronya. Create new understanding about integration of modern languages with our modern-day living.

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With the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution where the barriers between man and machine are heading for a convergence, exploring the complex interactions between human societies, cultures and behaviours has gained prominence. Discover insights into how we live, organize ourselves and express ourselves by comparative analysis of communities and societies from around the world with Humanity@Auronya.Create a new definition of what it means to be human in a globalized world as we celebrate the human experience.

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Diversity in Practice

Living in an interconnected diverse world requires an understanding and acceptance of the differences that exist, from the biological to the cultural. Auronya acknowledges the importance of social justice and equality in the context of gender/sexual, socio-economic, racial/ethnic and Indigenous/immigrant for the future of a better word. Explore the understanding, appreciation and respect for all that exists with Diversity@Auronya. Analyse and discover the social, political, and economic contexts of diverse global communities.

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Performing Arts

The definition of the art of performing and the impact of performance has evolved through history. What inspires you? The power of performance in a theatre or a musical symphony, the freedom to let go of your emotions in dancing. Discover the human experience of imagination and expression with Arts@Auronya Learn to harness your talent and energy in a variety of performance forms. Explore the history and define the future of a performer.

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Fine Arts

Art, a fascination of mankind, an imagination that has captivated us throughout history. How will art be defined in the future with new methods of expression? Explore the techniques, structures, media and technology that integrate with creativity with Arts@Auronya. Journey through times from contemporary to futuristic works of Art. Develop innovative thinking skills and integrate Art for the cultural and economic benefit of modern world. Discover the power of compassion and tolerance through imagination.

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Culinary Arts

Taste and Touch, the senses that have defined us physically and culturally. Food is one of the elements that transcends all national and cultural barriers and boundaries. Explore the vast universe of gastronomy, nutrition, food production, cooking, baking, health, well-being, food technology, food quality, food chemicals, hygiene and food management with Senses@Auronya. Discover the centuries of culinary heritage from a global perspective and modern day inventions.

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Philosophy studies

Explore the profound questions about life, nature, morality, science and knowledge that have grasped our thoughtful minds since centuries. Develop the ability to reason, analyse and express clarity with Philosophy@Auronya. Delve deep into the insights of life that define our behaviours. Discover issues that govern the nature of things, human existence and its behaviours.

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Theology studies

Understand the deeper meaning of religions and cultural traditions of the world. Explore the religious beliefs and ways to incorporate diverse perspectives, view-points, and intercultural sensitivities. What is the future of religion in a globally interconnected society of tomorrow? Discover how religions and its traditions shape our beliefs and behaviours with Divinity@Auronya. Develop your analytical mindset on religious issues in this modern age.

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Ethics studies

One of the biggest challenges facing humanity in the fourth industrial revolution is the role of ethics in modern-day society. Our ethical actions in our lives, society, business and environment will define how we want to live our lives. Discover the relationships between ethics and values that differentiates us as homo sapiens or wise man with Ethics@Auronya. Explore the intertwining areas of ethics and morality with standards and judgements and their applications.

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