In the age of media convergence and information integration, Auronya aims to think across boundaries, solve emerging problems and create a culture that transcends humanity by preparing future leaders of the information society. Today, our opinions, information, stories we share, entertainment we love, our relationships and cultural values are all influenced by media and communication experts. It effects us as who we are and what we do. Auronya recognises the critical role of Media and communication in shaping our lives. Come explore the world of communication, media and journalism at Auronya.

Come explore the ever-expanding universe of Discovery@Auronya as we prepare future global communicators for an interconnected society.


In an ever-converging media world driven by a rapidly evolving and expanding technology, communication is shaping, transforming, strengthening communities and networks. Explore analysing, managing, evaluating, creating and improving communication to adapt to dynamic audiences. Discover the processes, content, structures and effects of communication on social and political platforms at both national and global levels. Learn about the interconnections of communication systems and culture and how circulation of ideas shapes our lives with Connect@Auronya

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Communication Psychology

Auronya aims to deepen the knowledge of cognitive mechanisms related to communicative behaviours across multiple dimensions of society. Learn how to analyse and improve communication by focusing on relationships between humans and their environment to strenghten relationships. Exploring human communications is critical to navigating the social environments. Discover how communication interacts with perceptual and cognitive domains. Explore the use of propaganda and persuasion in modern world with Connect@Auronya

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Laws and Ethics of Media

In the age of information, ethical issues arising from journalistic practices play a critical role in our lives. Auronya aims to explore the interconnection of the rights and freedom of media and the ethical professional responsibility. How do the laws an ethics of media designed for the physical world transform in the cyber world? Challenge yourself with the ethical controversies that are redefining the role of media in the 21st century. Discover the unknowns in areas such as conflict of interest, ethics, media liability, confidentiality, digital ethics and indecency with Ethics@Auronya.

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Evolution of Media

Our modern world is being shaped today by media technologies. Auronya explores the journey of media and media practices throughout history, from telephone to TV, from radio to internet, from computer to the virtual world. Explore how regulations and technology are shaping the future of media. Create new policies and frameworks for the media industry of tomorrow. How would we want the media of tomorrow to influence our lives and address the relationship between information, technology and society? Discover the media of tomorrow with NewAgeMedia@Auronya

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Digital Media Technologies

Digital Media technologies have spawned social groups larger than populations of most countries. In terms of size, Facebook today is the third biggest population after China and India. Digital Media is transforming our relationships, the way we live, what we do, our behaviour and how we view the wide world. Digital Media technologies are also impacting social and culturalz l?olutions. Explore the journey of Media from Newspaper to Applications, from TV to YouTube, from Photo frames to “Selfie Culture” of Pintrest. Discover the power, the technology, the application of this emerging DigitalMedia@Auronya

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Advertising and Public Relations

Auronya explores the theories and frameworks that interconnect advertising, communication, marketing and public relations in today’s competitive environment. Discover how to develop strategies, explore consumer and brand research, and create frameworks for planning, direction, relations, advocacy and social media management with Relations@Auronya. Explore how visual and verbal aesthetics infuse in consumer behaviour and perception. Develop a holistic understanding of strategic problem solving related to Advertising and Public Relations

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Radio-Television- Films

Auronya pays tribute to the history, theory and production of Media, from the yesteryears of cinema and television to the modern-day world of digital media technologies. Discover your creative hidden traits of filmmaking, screenwriting, production or editing with StarLight@Auronya. Explore the power of video and audio to tell the untold stories of humanity and its universe. Instil the concepts and critical perspectives to become responsible media citizens for tomorrow’s society. Create new interactions of Media with the artistic, social, cultural, political and historical elements of humanity

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Technology, Social norms and economy continue to transform democracy’s foundational pillar of journalism. Explore the fast-paced world of multimedia journalism inculcating the principals of ethical and unbiased news reporting. Discover new age methods to gather and present information across multiple platforms including newsrooms. Immerse yourself in cutting edge production technologies of media software. Develop your own journalistic writing skills with Journalism@Auronya

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Investigative Reporting

Auronya aims to progress journalistic research skills to unearth true data and create authentic stories. Develop the strategies, frameworks and skills to investigate the issues that impact humanity and its environments within an ethical framework. Explore both print, broadcast and digital investigative skills and techniques with Investigate@Auronya. Develop the critical thinking abilities required to tackle real world issues of public concern related to both organizations and individuals, be it corruption, human rights, justice or threats. Public integrity and accountability are the cornerstones of investigative journalism.

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Computational Journalism

The future of Journalism is interconnected with the power of technology. Discover computer assisted reporting, high end visual- virtual technologies using data science, programming, data mining and visualization to report issues and stories relevant to modern world. Create strategies and frameworks to reduce costs in discovering news. Explore data sources and platforms to produce news in different ways with ComputingMedia@Auronya

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