Auronya aims to support, direct and lead the research agendas through practice and partnerships and contribute by sharing of knowledge and research findings. We explore the strategic initiatives of both industry and academic research relevant to humanity across multiple disciplines through sponsored or self-funded research. Asking the questions and discovering the answers is inbuilt in Auronya’ s philosophy. Auronya also embarks on the journey of advancing physical abilities, social skills and well-being of humans.

Come explore the ever-expanding universe of Discovery@Auronya as we create and contribute to human knowledge and abilities

Industry Research

Collaborating with Industry in diverse fields through research is a cornerstone of Auronya. The future of humanity is interlinked with solving the problems by finding solutions. Auronya aims to partner with industry sectors and businesses to find better ways and create improvised solutions for today’s problems. The power of discovery is an integral fabric of our human experience. Come join us to explore the un-answered, the un-discovered, the un-solved complexities of today’s world with Research@Auronya

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Academic Research

Auronya aims to prepare scholars by engaging in original research and translating research into application in the field. Discover and develop new knowledge in interdisciplinary fields with Research@Auronya. Explore new methods to analyse and conceptualize research and publications. Conduct independent field studies and create peer-critiqued dissertation for holistic validation. Leverage research based mindset in the modern day workplace of today to generate solutions.

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Sports Analytics and Biomechanics

Today’s sports demand technological advantages. Explore today’s sophisticated monitoring and statistical technology for competitive sports. Analyse and interpret data in the industry of sport. Discover team management and sports administration with Sports@Auronya. Explore biomechanics role in sports and techniques to systems and the human body. Develop your critical thinking skills by analytics and applications in the fast world of sports. Find practical solutions to the challenges facing sports.

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Reality Based Intelligence

Before one understands how the external world works, one must undertake a journey to discover self. At Auronya, the three stages of “real world” immersion starts with;

SpiritualImmersion@Auronya: Leaners immerse themselves in the discovery of one’s own self, the sense of servitude and harmony, replacing aggravation with meditation, anger with sympathy, hatred with compassion, cruelty with kindness as we change ourselves and our hearts.

NationalImmerision@Auronya: India is a vast country with un-imaginable potential hidden in its various pockets, from West to east, from Urban to Rural. India is expected to become the second largest economy by 2025, after China and will overtake China by 2040 to become the world’s largest economy. It is important to re-discover our homeland with such vast diversity, potential, businesses and cultures. The opportunities are endless in our own backyard. This immersion also combines a National project in integrated curriculums

GlobalImmersion@Auronya: Why visit an international country? What do we want to learn from visiting it? Globalimmersion@Auronya is designed to infuse real world learning with integrated curriculum by visiting international regions, discovering its society and exploring its industry. Awareness of global connections and synergies is a critical component of GoGlobal@Auronya in today’s interconnected world. This immersion also combines a global business project in integrated curriculums at Auronya.

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Post Graduate Diploma Programs

Auronya aims to develop cutting edge Post Graduate Study curriculums aligned to the needs of the fourth Industrial Revolution. Auronya’s first Post Graduate Diploma is Antariksh.

Antariksh delivers a holistic development of leaders in the fourth industrial revolution in such rapidly evolving, interconnected and complex environments. It prepares leaders to understand the macro and micro views of real world problems and create multi-faceted solutions while gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and their contributions.

Antariksh is a fully immersive, multi-knowledge integrated and infused with highly advanced learning technologies, one year post graduate program. It aims to provide not singular improvement but complete transformation as students explore the 7 knowledge universes of Auronya College

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Physical Abilities

In today’s fast paced modern world, the complexities of lifestyles and choices has increased the importance of physical health and well-being. Auronya aims to focus on Mental Strength, Manual Dexterity, Physical Strength, Discipline and Physical Stamina through an array of interconnected activities and use of cutting edge technology. Explore how each activity is integrated into curriculums at Auronya such as Drone Flying, Pilot training, Yoga, Shooting, Sailing, Archery, Boot Camp, Horse Riding, Surfing, Weight Training, Aerobics, swimming, sports and many more with Abilities@Auronya.

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Social Skills

In an increasing interconnected, technology driven world, social skills are bound to play a critical role in the way we communicate, do business and lead our lives. Our communication and social relations are changing at a dramatic pace. Letters and faxes have changed to “bit-size” texts and emotionally intelligent leadership is the essence of the future. Collaboration, Diplomacy, Negotiation are some of the re-requisites in the workplace of tomorrow. Discover your own identity with ExecutiveEducation@Auronya.

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Critical and Creative Skills

How do we solve the problems of today to create a better tomorrow? How do we conceptualize, apply, analyse, synthesize to guide our actions towards solutions? Discover how to apply critical thinking to assess and to build on strength by mitigating the weaknesses leading to reasoned judgements with Think@Auronya

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