The fast-paced globalized world needs adaptive minds to move across disciplines by facing challenges with inventive holistic and humanistic solutions. Auronya aims to develop independent, responsible international citizens with knowledge of cultural heritage and ability to communicate and work with diverse people.

Contribute to the forces that shape our society by thinking creatively and critically about ideas, people, society, and the human condition. Explore the future relevant initiatives such as public health, education, security, politics, diplomacy, international law and human development with a problem-solving mindset.

Come explore the ever-expanding universe of as we prepare for an international society with broader perspectives and technological readiness.

Politics and Diplomacy

Explore ideas around global politics, democracy, power relationships, state and its citizens. These relationships impact our lives each day. Discover governance and conflicts at different levels of society – the ideas and values that shape us as informed active citizens. Create policy frameworks for effecting socio-political development while exploring the questions about freedom, representation and equality with Poltics@Auronya

Immerse yourself in collaborative diplomatic mechanism to discover new insights, tools and frameworks for designing effective solutions in a complex negotiating environment.

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Human Development

Auronya recognizes the impact of global economic, political and social factors on transforming people’s lives around the world. Our cultures, environment and resources all play a role in different outcomes in our lives. Explore the ways in which societies are changing and the problems that humanity is facing today. Solve the complex, massive and urgent problems of social transformation by transcending the conventional boundaries with technology, analytics and frameworks. We invite you to discover Humanity@Auronya.

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The dynamic 21st century reflects ever changing security challenges and opportunities in both the real world and the digital world. Auronya aims to explore the areas of global, national and digital security for a safer tomorrow. Discover the complexities of the security environment and create solutions for the problems facing the security landscape. Apply advanced knowledge and tools for decision making and shaping the security architecture, frameworks at models with Security@Auronya.

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Digital Social Networks

Internet has become the universal mode of communication dissolving continental boundaries. Digital Social networks are facilitating communication and altering our lives and behaviour. Social networks are integrating into our everyday personal lives, businesses, governments and altering our thoughts and perceptions. Auronya aims to explore user studies, datasets, design new systems, knowledge harvesting, social computing and influence of these systems on its users. Come discover the world-wide web of DigitalSociety@Auronya

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Health and Behavioural Sciences

Our living habits are contributing to development of new heath diseases and disorders. Auronya aims to promote sustainable behavioural change for improving quality of life. Discover the integrated relationships across the lifespan. Create developmental, prevention, translation and policy frameworks to improve health and well-being, Develop a psychosocial perspective towards health, disability and disease by embracing technological innovations. Come explore LivingLife@Auronya.

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Education Technology studies

Technology is advancing learning delivery at a rapid pace. Auronya aims to discover new technologies in physical, virtual and blended learning environments to develop the future ready educators and learners of tomorrow. Stand at the intersection of learning and technology to create impactful education mediums for the society. Explore digital, multimedia, virtual, augmented, gamification, classroom technologies, learning analytics, electronic portfolios and problem based learning technologies. Discover the learning of tomorrow with EdTech@Auronya

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Education Policy and Systems studies

Auronya aims to challenge the status quo, to address the long-standing inequities by redefining education in the twenty first century. Gain a deeper understanding of future relevant education for the fourth industrial revolution by solving the complexities to improve the education experiences. Evaluate education policy and practise at national and global level using unique modes of inquiry across academic fields. Create a dynamic, rapidly evolving education approach infusing modern technology. Come discover Education4.0@Auronya

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Educational Leadership studies

How do we design a curriculum that prepares future ready global citizens in an internationalized, technology driven world? How do we prepare the educators to think critically about the issues facing education in diverse communities? Discover frameworks and analytical tools to tackle wide ranging areas from management, policy, leadership, implementation and evaluation in the field of education. Explore the connections between leadership and learning and collaborate for high quality educator development with Education4.0@Auronya

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Public Health Studies

Auronya aims to contribute to humanity by improving the health of individuals and communities through heath education, promotion and prevention. Discover how to protect, maintain and enhance health and quality of life. Explore the insights that impact health enhancement through data, analytics, policy, frameworks, law and communication. Analyse the role of public health in society, gain problem solving skills through valid conclusions. Deep dive into the areas of community health, pre clinical health and global heath with Health@Auronya.

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Healthcare Management and Healthcare Technology Studies

Rapid advances in technology are changing the landscape of planning and healthcare management. Discover the frontiers in healthcare technologies, learn about healthcare financing and management, devise solutions for health improvement, analyse the policy and frameworks that define healthcare law, develop new age healthcare marketing and evaluation strategies and tools with Health@Auronya. Explore the global healthcare systems and pillars that define the healthcare markets. Play your part in creating high value healthcare organizations.

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Public Policy and Administration

In today’s globalized world, it is critical to integrate public policy and administration into the practical realities, implementation and analysis at the ground level. Auronya aims to reinvent the domains of public service, policy analysis, program evaluation, policy advocacy, public administration, public policy and global policy using strategic and analytical frameworks and tools infused with technology to tackle the challenges that are fluid and interconnected at both national and global level. Discover new skills addressing the management, analysis and implementation of public governance with Governance@Auronya.

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International Law Studies

Discover the foundations that underpin the areas of international cooperation through international law. Explore the legalities and impact of international law in todays’ globalized world in diverse fields ranging from human rights, trade, finance, energy, technology, war, global disputes and much more. Explore international arbitration to legal theory. Deepen your understandings of international law and its interconnections to domestic law. Develop new legal frameworks to analyse, interpret and implement global treaties and jurisdictional conflicts. Visit the workings of global organizations such as ICC, WTO, IMF, UN and World Bank with GlobalLaw@Auronya while developing negotiating and diplomacy skills.

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